Temporary Disabilities

The Disability Resource Center understands that individuals with temporarily disabling conditions that are a result of injuries, surgery, or short-term disabilities may need access to resources. Examples of temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to broken limbs, hand injuries, or short-term disabilities following surgery or medical treatments.

Documentation Requirements

  1. To receive accommodations for a temporary disability, the student may submit information to Disability Resource Center documenting the type of disability, impact, and estimated duration of the disability.  
    • It is also helpful to know any side effects caused by medication and recommendations for accommodations.  
    • The information should be recent enough to identify current impact. 
    • Additional information may be requested to update Disability Resources on continued need for accommodations.

 2. Students complete the Application for Reasonable Accommodations form that provides students an opportunity to describe the impact of the temporary disability and the requested accommodations. The student indicates on the form that the disability is temporary. 

 3. The student should make an appointment with the Disability Resource Center to review the available information and identify possible accommodations.  

Potential Accommodations for Temporary Disabilities

Academic accommodations are identified through an interactive process. Examples of accommodations which may be available for a temporary arm, hand, or upper extremity injury may include:

  • Scribe for exams
  • Notetaking assistance
  • Audio recorder for lectures
  • Extended testing time
  • Computer for essay exams

Resources and Referral Information

Students with temporary disabilities can gather additional information from the Disability Resource Center that pertains to:

  • Classroom and testing accommodations
  • Accessible routes and elevator access on campus
  • How to apply for a county-issued disability parking placard or paratransit services
  • How to hire a personal attendant to assist with personal care and getting around campus.