Resource Guide

As a faculty member, you play a very important role in promoting access for students with disabilities. Students with documented disabilities are encouraged to collaborate with their professors to ensure that the accommodations for each course provide equal access to their educational programs and activities.  The Disability Resource Center serves students with a variety of disabilities, such as learning disabilities, visual impairments, hearing impairments, physical impairments, mental health disabilities, and other health relate impairments. This Faculty Resource Guide is designed to give you information and tools so that you can optimally assist students with disabilities in your courses.  

  • Accommodations are provided to students on an individualized basis, and these accommodations will be communicated with you through the Graduate Student Assignment of Accommodations Form. 
  • Students are encouraged to be proactive in working together with professors to ensure that the accommodations, that are applicable to your courses, are provided in the most effective manner possible. 
  • For questions in regard to the Disability Resource Center processes, disability related issues in general, or specific students and their accommodations, contact the Disability Resource Center Staff.