Extended Time on Assignments Agreement


  • Students who qualify for Extended Time on Individual Assignments will have this accommodation stipulated on the Graduate Student Assignment of Accommodations recorded in the Disability Resources Center.  
  • While instructors are not required to alter the essential elements or the learning outcomes of the course, flexibility in achieving outcomes or alternate opportunities to complete course requirements may be necessary.
  • Faculty members establish the extended time due dates.
  • Faculty members have the right to establish his/her own late work policies.

The Disability Services Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Contact respective faculty members prior to the start of each semester to discuss the student’s limitations as they relate to Extended Time on Individual Assignments in order to discern the appropriateness of adjustments for assignments. 
  • Ensure that essential objectives and components of each course including the core learning outcomes, skills, and knowledge will not be compromised with this accommodation. The student must demonstrate with or without accommodations such competencies.  This adjustment may not be appropriate for every assignment. 
  • Inform the professor that the accommodation, if reasonable, should be provided without a grading penalty.  
  • Document the discussion with the faculty member and request a copy of the singed agreement between the student and the faculty member.

Student Responsibilities

  • Meet with the Disability Services Coordinator at the Disability Resources Center each semester to discuss the specific courses that may qualify for extensions on class assignments.
  • Contact the professor of each course prior to classes starting to discuss the extensions that may be appropriate and feasible for each of the assignments on the syllabus, as discussed by the Disability Services Coordinator and the professor. 
  • Request from the professor his or her alternate due dates.
  • Put in writing, with a signature, the parameters that the professor will allow for extensions on each assignment in the syllabus, per the last page of this form.
  •  Ensure that all assignments are completed according to the form below.
  • Contact the Disability Services Coordinator if you cannot complete assignments as outlined in the agreement below.
  • The form below must be filled out by the professor and student together.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Discuss with the Disability Services Coordinator parameters concerning the accommodation regarding alternative dates for completing course requirements, which may include flexibility with assignment due dates, make-up quizzes/exams, or alternative assignments. 
  • Discuss with the student issues related to due dates and establish alternate due dates.
  • Specify which assignments will have flexibility on the form below.
  • Make a copy of this form for you to keep for your records.
  • Contact the student and the Disability Services Coordinator if the student is unable to complete assignments as outlined in this form.
  • Note: If there are in class assignments that are timed and graded, this accommodation may apply if students are required to do this in class within a set time limit. A student may be permitted extra time to do such assignments. 
  • The form below must be filled out by the professor and student together.

When is Extra Time to Complete Assignments/Projects Not Reasonable?

There are some situations in which the due dates of assignments and/or projects cannot be adjusted for an individual student without resulting in fundamental changes to the course. In such cases, meeting established deadlines would be an essential requirement for the course, and Withdrawal or Incomplete grade may be appropriate options for the student.

  • Is the material being learned in the class sequentially? Does each week’s material build on the material learned in the previous week(s)?
  • Are there other lab or class sections the student could attend to catch up on missed material?
  • Does the assignment involve teamwork? Would failure to complete the assignment on time compromise the educational experience of other students in the class?
  • What general policies exist for making up missed exams, pop quizzes? Turning in late work?
  • Could missed assignments be turned in via discussion board/e-mail?